Time Machine - History of KIMLAN              


On May 8, 1936, Mr. Han Chung gathered major local businessmen and established Datung Company. Mr. Han Chung combined the advantages of Chinese tradition and Japanese innovation for soy sauce brewing to develop a revolutionary brewing technique to produce high quality soy sauce. This soy sauce was branded Kimlan Soy Sauce. In 1970, Datung Company changed their name to Kimlan Soy Sauce due to the popularity and better name recognition of their soy sauce product.

In 1976, Kimlan was the number one soy sauce company in Taiwan. In order to fulfill the increase in demand for Kimlan food products, the factory was relocated from Taoyuan to a bigger production factory in Dasi.
In 1977, Kimlan started offering factory tour services to educate consumers about soy sauce and its production process.
In 1987, Kimlan Soy Sauce started to expand their product lines and changed their name to Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. to reflect it.

1979: Kimlan was the first company in Taiwan to deploy a waste water treatment system. During that same year, Kimlan developed their Low Sodium soy sauce, which contains 1/3 less the amount of salt than regular soy sauce. This product received the Excellent New Product Award from the Food Science and Technology Association of Taiwan.
1982: Kimlan’s Super Special Soy Sauce was awarded the Excellent Production Process Improvement Award by the Food Science and Technology Association of Taiwan.
1983: Kimlan introduced I-Jen (Jacob’s Tears) Soy Sauce to the market, which also received the Excellent Food Award from the Food Science and Technology Association of Taiwan.
1985: Kimlan earned the National Industrial Pollution Protection and Treatment Excellent Effort Award. During the same year, Piau-Shiang Soy Sauce earned the Excellent Quality Award from the Taiwan Regional Excellent Special Food Appraisal Association.
1986: Kimlan participated in the Taiwan Mid-Autumn Festival Food Show and received the Golden Award from the appraisal committee and the Excellent New Product Development Award from the Economic Bureau for its BBQ sauce. This was the first bottle of BBQ sauce ever made in Taiwan. The promotions and advertisements for this product sparked a nationwide love and trend for barbecuing during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
1990: Kimlan Soy Sauce receives GMP certification.
1991: Kimlan’s pickled vegetables line receives GMP certification
2005: Kimlan introduced their Multi-Grain Soy Sauce.
2007: Receives HACCP and ISO22000 certification.
2008: Kimlan diversified into the organic food market with the introduction of “Shin” Organic Soy Sauce.

INGREDIENTS The main ingredients in soy sauce production are wheat, soy beans, and natural sea salt.
Kimlan meticulously selects the best quality and high protein wheat and soy beans from our suppliers in order to produce superior soy sauce every time.

In soy sauce production, soy beans are first steamed and cooked under high pressure, then promptly cooled. The wheat is roasted, sieved, crushed, and then mixed with the soy beans. After 180 days, the mixture is then filtered, pasteurized and bottled with strict quality inspections to become our Kimlan Soy Sauce.
Kimlan's pickled products also go through strict quality control process in order to ensure great quality and taste. By using the best ingredients and the latest production processes, Kimlan is proud to provide the best pickled products for everyone.

When shopping for soy sauce, naturally brewed soy sauce should always be your first choice. A good soy sauce must be brewed and fermented for a long period of time. Additionally, you should check if the product has GMP, HACCP, and ISO22000 certification.
Selecting soy sauce that conforms to the CNS Grand-A Soy sauce Standard will mean that the soy sauce is high in protein.
Before purchasing, shake the soy sauce bottle and check if the foam that appears is dense. Naturally brewed soy sauce has dense foam that does not quickly dissipate.
A good soy sauce also has a special fragrance that is sweet and exclusive to naturally brewed soy sauce.
Naturally brewed Kimlan soy sauce goes through at least 180-days of fermentation. Our Piau-Shiang Soy Sauce, Super-Special Soy Sauce, Aged Soy Sauce, and Lower Sodium soy sauce goes through a second fermentation process and takes up to a year to be produced.
Naturally brewed soy sauce is good for your body because it is high in nutrients and has no added preservatives. Because there are no preservatives added, we suggest refrigeration after opening.